The Plan to Fix the Presidential Debates in 2016

Lawsuits haven’t worked.

Petitions haven’t worked.

Protests haven’t worked.

But given enough support, this three-part plan

Step 1: NAME

Few Americans know who is behind the presidential debates, and that they are run by a private, exclusionary organization which is headed by leaders of the Democratic and Republican parties.

We will make this embarrassing state of affairs public knowledge.

We will name names, and we will point fingers.

Step 2: BLAME

Blaming the Commission on Presidential Debates is easy (and appropriate).

But it’s too easy, and it’s not enough.

The CPD’s efforts depend on sponsors, broadcasters, advertisers and venues.

Not to mention the two candidates who agree to go along with the whole scheme.

They are all complicit in the farce debates, and they will be held accountable.

Step 3: SHAME

Thanks to social media and technology, we have never had more power to bring pressure upon bad actors in the public sphere.

Those associated with the CPD’s fake debates must be called out, ridiculed, and shamed for turning their backs on our democratic process.

And they will.
Until they change their ways.
In 2016.


It's not democracy without open debates.